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Regina Caeli is such a rich and vibrant community because we all have the same…

Two RCA Graduates Marry

Aiden and Gabriella, graduates of RCA Baton Rouge, were brought together by God and how…

The Best Ways To Stop The Homeschool Distractions

The most important tip for an effective homeschool day is to be present – avoid…

RCA Students chanting the Salve Regina in Latin

After Easter Sunday, the Salve Regina prayer to the Virgin Mary is sung in Latin…

RCA Partners with the CLT

Regina Caeli Academy will transition to the Classic Learning Test!The Classic Learning Test currently offers…

RCA All Saints Day Party 2022

Every year our students celebrate All Saints Day. They dress up as a Saint, march…

October Activity Sheets

 In the spirit of fall, we created some activity sheets for our students. In addition, we invite parents…

How To Get Kids To Follow A Schedule

Following the schedule in your homeschool is more than just “getting school done”.  The schedule…

Homeschooling multiple grades and loving it! Here’s how.

Learn how to homeschool multiple grades and love it. Determine which skills to focus on…
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Our Catholic faith is at the core of all academics and activities at RCA. Our Catholic culture encourages students to explore the wonder of God’s creation, embody magnanimity – a greatness of character and of soul –, and graduate as skilled disciples of Christ, ready to lead the next generation of Catholics.
The classical approach respects the natural developmental stages of children. Our students are exposed to the great minds through literature, essays, and philosophy. They are encouraged to grow in virtue and are provided with the intellectual tools that will form them as future Catholic leaders.
DAL_May 2020_Graduation 1
We offer an accredited academic and extracurricular curriculum to PK – 12th grade students two days a week. The parent remains the primary educator by homeschooling the other three days a week with the same rigorous classical curriculum. The goal of this unique approach is to develop the whole child-academically, spiritually, and emotionally.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help our students achieve salvation, deepen in intellect and character, grow spiritually, develop the ability to win others for Christ and perceive and elect his or her God-given vocation. Come discover why RCA is the best classical homeschool hybrid for your family.

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