RCA All Saints Day Party 2022


Every year our students celebrate All Saints Day. They dress up as a Saint, march in a parade, play fun games and invoke the Saints to pray for us. This is a fun way to learn about Saints because our children often look for an obscure saint that no one else will know. They must research what they wore, when, and where they lived. It’s also unforgettable to see your classmate dressed up as a Saint, especially if they have eyeballs on a tray or they are wearing an animal fur robe. The Feast of All Saints helps us remember how we are all made in the image and likeness of God and that He wants to share everlasting happiness with Him in Heaven. We are all born to be Saints. The path to sainthood has never been an easy road. The Saints are beautiful examples of the life we should live, and since they are close to God, they can intercede for us so that we, too, might become saints.


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