RCA Partners with the CLT


Regina Caeli Academy will transition to the Classic Learning Test!

The Classic Learning Test currently offers the CLT (11th/12th grade college entrance exam), CLT10 (9th/10th grades), and CLT8 (7th/8th grades).  Beginning next year, the Classic Learning Test will offer nationally standardized assessments for 3rd-6th grade students as well.  

What does this mean at Regina Caeli Academy?

Beginning in 2023-2024, the Classic Learning Test suite of assessments will replace the ITBS (IOWA) standardized tests at Regina Caeli.  

Benefits for this year!  

Many RCA students are already receiving large scholarships to colleges and universities based on their CLT scores.  To ensure our current 11th/12th graders will benefit from this new partnership, Regina Caeli will administer the CLT to all 11th and 12th graders THIS spring semester on February 16, 2023 at your local Regina Caeli Academy center. 

To give you more information about the CLT assessments, RCA hosted a webinar, with Mrs. Chelsea Niemec, the Director of Catholic School Partnerships with the Classic Learning Test. Watch below.

Click image to see PDF
Click image to see PDF


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